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Are you feeling a little bit stuck in your relationship, like the spark is a little dimmer? Maybe you're feeling like you don't have the tools in your box to overcome some of the hurdles that have been thrown your way as a couple. Perhaps you feel like one of your or both of you have given up hope that this relationship has the ingredients it needs to stand the test of time. Whatever it is you feel might be holding you (both) back from putting your best foot forward together romantically, Love Lessons will help you get back on track.  


Love Lessons Relationship Rejuvenation Sessions are one to one and are with Founder & Relationship Expert Sarah Louise Ryan to help you gain a greater sense of direction in your relationship so you feel rejuvenated and the spark is rekindled so you can both reconnect emotionally, physically and intimately.


Build greater communication skills

Overcome relationship grievances 

Become unstuck 

Gain insights as well as practical intentional partnering tools

Overcome conflict with resolution techniques

Deepen the connection with yourself & your partner 

Know your value & communicate it well

Understand how we communicate love

Stop arguing & start liaising lovingly 

Figure out what's holding you back from living your best love-life 

Work out how to go from stuck to feeling content & calm in your relationship


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